Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was behind a van earlier, and on the rear window it had "ACROPHOBIA" in big letters. Under that, in smaller letters, it said "fear of heights." Is there a new trend that I'm unaware of where people put vocabulary terms and definitions on their vehicles?

It's about time, because I've been waiting for the right time to put "volte-face: a reversal, as in policy or opinion" on my tribute.


Kelly said...

Hey Josh!

I saw you asked Jenny if it was true that the trailor and van were returned and I took a screen shot of Ryan's status yesterday to show you.

I'm guessing from that that it's true!

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh! So you don't know me and I don't know you, but when I read Jenny's blog about your faithful attention to hers, I knew I had to check out who Josh Wax was/is...

that said, I read your blog, then found out that you live in Denham (sp?) Springs..small world because I know people from there. I work 2 weeks at a youth camp every summer (CAMP FUEGO- which is amazing.) but 2 of my favorite students are from DS and then some of the workers are from there as well. In fact, I almost moved that direction. so being that you're from there - we're basically already friends! haha.

anyway, sorry for the overly long blog comment.

have a great weekend!

:) Lindsey