Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bottled Water

i love how bottled water specifies "drinking water" on it as if they sell bottled toilet water or something.

bottled toilet water, eh?

i think i just came on to something. and i can have different brands and flavors. i can see the slogans now...."SURGE....Feed the Flush", or for the Seven Up flavor "Make Seven Flush Yours"....yea yea...that's what i'll do...what a marketing genius i am...i'll have frozen toilet waters too......

who wants to be the first one to try a Flushy?

1 comment:

i dig musicians said...

Aquafina is purified bottled toilet water. Really? Possibly. Can I prove this? No, definitely not. That's just what we used to call it when I played Soccer in high school. The End.