Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Potato Vs Cheese

Jared: Cheese really is the best food ever. You can make anything and then add cheese to it and it makes it better.
Me: I like potatoes.
Jared: "hmm this normal taco is alright..."*add melted cheese* best taco ever. "This steak is pretty good" *add melted cheese* this steak is the sh**"
Me: You can do french fries, seasoned fries, steak fries, those lil waffle like fries like Arbys has, curly qs, tator tots, mashed potatoes, smothered potatoes, augraten potatoes, baked potatoes, potato wedges, hash browns, take out broken bulbs, Mr. Potato Head, potato it lays, pringles, whatever...
Jared: but cheese can go on all those potatoes
Me: don't you mean....potatoes can go on all those cheeses?cheese is basically bacteria. potato is veggie
Jared: potato is a bad veggi though
Me: why
Jared: carbs
Me: potato is the MAN. you need some carbs
Jared: in the book it says i can eat all the veggies i want except for potatoes and advacatoes...which i know are really bad for you
Me: potatos can sprout without even being in the ground...can YOU do that? can CHEESE do that?
Jared: potatoes also caused a famine and killed millions
Me: cheese stands alone. it has no friends. and before potato was a food, it was a decoration. before cheese was a food, it was just mold
Jared: well the moon is made of cheese, so cheese is better. God created earth and then the cheese moon
Me: and then sat down and ate a potato
Jared: rofl...and than he dipped it in the moon cause it was bland
Me: hey...augraten potatos are still potatoes. it's not that cheese and salt and sour cream and all that stuff make the potato taste's that the potato makes all those things taste gives them a purpose in this crazy world
Jared: now, i like a good baked potato more than anyone, but cheese goes on more food that make it better than just the potato
Me: think about it this way...i look at a potato and think "mmmm....potato". i look at cheese and think "hey...the milk went bad"
Jared: well God told me he loves cheese more than a potatoe
Me: and God were laughin about that later. he comes up to me...can hardly get his words out he's laughin so hard....and says "guess what i just told jared....."
Jared: you guys suck. tell jesus hes not welcome in my apt. last time he ate all my funyuns
Me: yeah...the only chip you don't dip in cheese

June 24, 2006 - Saturday

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